Basketball Court

High Performance Basketball Court Surfaces

Spier Flooring is the most innovative basketball court system on the market today. Incorporating the most recent advancements in technology insures a comfortable, safe surface, ideal for residential backyard or professional basketball courts. The ¾” thick, shock-absorbing suspended surface reduces playing fatigue and provides better ball rebound with exceptional game performance.

Spier Flooring’s super grip surface design delivers unequaled performance in game play, allowing for greater safety when jumping and turning in close proximity.

Spier Flooring’s patented 6-point locking mechanism and Swiss-designed and manufactured 16-injection point tooling allow us to manufacture the flattest, most uniform game court tiles on the market. This flatness and tight locking mechanism allows for the truest, most responsive ball bounce of any tile available today.

Our courts feature:

  • ¾-inch shock-absorbing, suspended surface
  • Revolutionary inter-locking tile mechanism
  • Reverse spring tension mechanism

Our tile design includes the orthopedic benefit of lessening stress on joints, making it easier to shoot hoops, play tennis and more. Our backyard basketball court construction includes UV protectant. This makes our residential backyard basketball courts up to 50% cooler when shooting hoops. Whether you’re playing basketball, roller skating or rollerblading on your backyard basketball court design, you can do so comfortably.


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Backyard basketball courts aren’t all we do. The same quality that goes into our backyard basketball court design goes into our multi game courts. Instead of a backyard basketball court, you may consider tennis or volleyball. As with our outdoor basketball court design, you can roller skate and rollerblade on multi game courts. Whatever your needs, from a home basketball court to a badminton court, Spier Court can help.